Lindsey Bles

Meet the designer who is changing the way you look at fashion

Lindsey is an empowered female empowering others. She once graced the stages of rock and roll concerts. She became a Rock and Roll Beauty Queen in her 20's and traveled to shows to perform at large arenas. She was an esthetician, and noticed how she manifested her dreams by her practices, as her work somewhat involved being in a constant state of meditation.

  • I pursued modeling right after high school while working a high stress job. It didn't ever pan out, and I completely set modeling aside as a career. I began competing as a model at concerts as a hobby in my mid 20's when I moved to San Diego. I had just started my career as an esthetician, and I was surprised by how well people responded to me. I accredit this success to being around holistic health everyday because it calmed my nerves and gave me clarity and confidence. I felt I completely shown in a different light than when I was younger."

When Lindsey was 18 she went to a monasteries and began her spiritual journey that eventually lead her to the idea of Crystal Infused Jeans while meditating at one of the Seven Vortexes of the World.

Lindsey developed a proprietary wash infusing crystal healing into garments. She often customizes these combinations to suit different needs, and target different aspects of her clientele's lives. The Radiance Collection uses crystals and botanicals she feels emulates the same confidence and strength she had to work hard by day, and grace the rock and roll runways in the evening.

  • I grew up on rock and roll, it was fun being a part of show. I was always taught to think outside the box, and I saw this world in need of some healing. My greatest fear while pursing my crystal healing apparel was that I would get 'stoned to death' because it is very contrary to what I raised to believe. So I named my first clothing company Stone Denim Designs, and sold it to professional woman pushing us forward, and brave enough to try."

Lindsey continues to seek the best modalities from the around the world, and shares them with you in her crystal infusions and design collections.

As a designer she works on bringing your inner beauty out, and aligning you with your higher self. She can targets different aspects of your life with her Bles Infusions. Curious what she can do for you? Purchase a Gift Card to begin creating a collection with Lindsey!

1111 Fashion Package

This Package includes:

  • 1 hour Holistic Style Analysis. Identify what your fashion needs are, and how I can help you with your wardrobe. In this meeting we will brainstorm your custom design. (Complimentary)

  • 1 hour Blissful Style Discovery. Pinpoint colors enhancing your collection and even your skin tone. Discover your style based on your personality. In this meeting I will acquire body measurements, and advise styles that flatter your body shape. (regularly $249)

  • Complete Wardrobe Snapshot. See 7 different items for each focal point discussed in Holistic Style Analysis to add to wardrobe or help you wear your new garments. (Value at $399)

  • 3 designs per item to select from. Putting the vision into action. Select style, then I will help you select fabrics to bring looks to life. (valued at $249)

  • 2 redesigns. Allows you to ask for additional details in design. (additional redesigns are $99)

  • 1 OR MORE crystal curated fashion pieces valued at $1111!

General garment pricing is as follows:

$222 - Tailored Suit Shirt

$222 - Day Dress

$222 - Jumpsuit

$333 - Custom Jeans

$333 - Full Length Dress

$444 - Evening Jacket

$444 - Suit Jacket

$444 - Formal Cocktail Dress

Schedule your Holistic Style Analysis today on the calendar! After purchase, you will receive your Vision Board Prompt for your custom piece via email! Please complete it before your video meeting with Lindsey Bles!

If this is a gift, select the first available time for you to talk with Lindsey to complete the Gift Card Registration. Initial Holistic Style Analysis can be rescheduled, but never cancelled. If no apparel is selected timely after meetings then gift card funds go to cover the cost of the services provided, and no refund will be issued.

Custom design are time sensitive, and take up to 30 days to be delivered depending on detailing. Pricing subject to change due to selected finishes, detailing, fabrics, etc.

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