The Crystal Healing Fashion Designer

Custom Crystal Infused Apparel by Wellness Guru, Rock n' Roll Beauty Queen, and Fashion Designer-- Lindsey Bles.

Crystal Collections

Couture Crystal Creations by Lindsey Bles

Aura Quartz

The Aura Quartz crystal is a promise of what is possible when man & nature work in tandem, as this crystal is formed with electrostatic bonding with gold!

Fire Opal

Fire Opal is made in the earth in Mexico and Ethiopia. This stone activates creativity, optimism, playfulness, and zest for life!

The Radiance Collection

Apparel designed with a crystal combination to provide the same joy and confidence as being on stage at rock show. Learn what's really on Daniela's mind.


Light weight denim collection celebrating crystals in Asia. What is Carol and Litha really thinking about?

Stone Denim Designs -


Collection bringing to life the magic of San Diego. Crystals used in denim are abundant in Southern California.


Crystal infused jeans, with gemstone buttons designed to empower women,

Crystal Infused Tees

Select a crystal, and set an intention. For all ages. As Seen on FOX's Snake Oil with celebrity host David Spade.

555 Standard Fashion Package

  • This Package includes:

    • 1 hour Holistic Style Analysis. Identify what your fashion needs are, and how I can help you with your wardrobe. In this meeting we will brainstorm your custom design. (Complimentary)

    • 1 hour Blissful Style Discovery. Color analysis - Pinpoint colors enhancing your collection, based on your skin tone, hair, eyes, and more. Discover your style based on your personality. In this meeting I will acquire body measurements, and advise styles that flatter your body shape. (regularly $249)

    • Multiple Designs to Select From. See garment info below Putting the vision into action. Select style, then I will help you select fabrics to bring looks to life. (valued at $249 each)

    • 1 Redesign. Allows you to ask for additional details in design. (additional redesigns are $99)


    • 1 OR MORE crystal curated fashion pieces valued at $555!

General garment pricing is as follows:

$222 - Tailored Suit Shirt

$222 - Day Dress

$222 - Jumpsuit

$333 - Custom Jeans

$333 - Full Length Dress

$444 - Evening Jacket

$444 - Suit Jacket

$444 - Formal Cocktail Dress

Schedule your Holistic Style Analysis today on the calendar! After purchase, you will receive your Vision Board Prompt for your custom piece via email! Please complete it before your video meeting with Lindsey Bles!

If this is a gift, select the first available time for you to talk with Lindsey to complete the Gift Card Registration. Initial Holistic Style Analysis can be rescheduled, but never cancelled. If no apparel is selected timely after meetings then gift card funds go to cover the cost of the services provided, and no refund will be issued.

Custom design are time sensitive, and take up to 30 days to be delivered depending on detailing. Pricing subject to change due to selected finishes, shipping, detailing, fabrics, etc.

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